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February 1, 2011

market stall !!

So exciting news folks, Maymarket is officially back as of today!

The main reason being that I am now fully organised and motivated and have actually booked a stall at which to sell my wares THIS SUNDAY at Rozelle Markets.

So come along and take a peek, there is so much stuff it might not even all fit in the 3x3m space! There are heaps of pretty vintage frocks ranging from $10-20 (mostly 15 and below), heaps of cute satchel-style and glomesh bags for $15 each and a a whole bunch of other exciting items ranging from the massive $5 basket to some more special and expensive items (e.g. a beautiful faux fur coat for $70)

So if you live anywhere near Rozelle please come down to the public school on Sunday and have a look ;)

xx Elly

August 31, 2010


Okay, okay, so i've become the worst blogger in history, I know..

So I am going on a break for a while to  focus on other things but one day I will be back, I have plans for a proper physical market stall one day so I will keep you posted.

I did have to make the effort just to post up this one very special link to the Arcade Fire's new interactive music video for "the Wilderness Downtown."

If you don't already have google Chrome, you will have to download it, but I think waiting a few minutes is definitely worth it. Plus you will have a fancy new web browser? I would actually love to make the change but I can't figure out how you use delicious on it.. oh well firefox stays I suppose.

Anyway, the magic that is this video is sure to amaze the pants off you so stop reading this rubbish and watch it already.

See you in the future!

xx Elly

August 13, 2010

one two three FOUR

Yeah, so i'm back at uni again, back to being a bad blogger again.. buuuuut at least I am not going crazy out of my mind because I actually have something productive to do with my time now! Nice to be back into some sort of a routine and to see friends again..

But more importantly, I saw Scott Pilgrim VS. the World last night and it was amazing. I have been waiting for this movie for months and months now so I had to see it on the first day it came out! What did I love so much about it? Well here is an exhaustive list:
  • Michael Cera - skinny, awkward "indie" boys are my weakness..
  • Totally rockin' music - seriously, it has revitalised my passion for music that doesn't make you want to fall asleep. Most of the songs are brought to you by Beck and BSS, so it can't really get much better than that.
  • Cool coloured hair - Ramona has awesome hair colours (which of course made me want to go back to having super blonde hair that can be constantly colourfully dyed)
  • Hipster jokes - because making fun of hipsters is so hipster.
Michael Cera vs. Scott Pilgrim from the comic

But more importantly, watching Ramona's hair throughout the movie had led me to an important life decision: I desperately need to get my hair cut. So I will have to somehow pluck up the courage to see a hairdresser, despite the fact that they terrify me...

One place I have been seeking inspiration is fuckyeahbitchinhair, which is a collection of pictures of some of the most amazing hair you will see anywhere. Of course it does have quite a few duds and often falls into the old trap of choosing pics for the pretty photography rather than the hair itself, but it has definitely given me a few ideas (as well as making me even crazier for pink hair...)

Some favourites:
jealous of girls who look gorgeously effortless in a messy bun
i'm obsessed with cool braiding, never works for me though!
what I want my hair to be like right now..
dying (haha) over this colour, it's perfect!

So go forth and be inspired to greater hair heights, and go see Scott Pilgrim ASAP !!

xx Elly

July 30, 2010


Today while shuffling my files around I have found the pictures of my delicious cardamom buns with cinnamon butter that I made earlier in the year.. so I thought I would share a few with you now just to show off!

Out of all the things I have ever baked I think that these are the most impressive, as they actually involved using yeast (which is something I have been a bit scared of for a long time after some failed attempts years ago..) The fact that my buns came out looking beautifully golden brown and oozing with cinnamon butter was not what I had realistically expected! I think I will have to try them again as soon as possible!

I have been baking today though, making a lemon cheesecake for tonight's dessert, so I should probably try to steer clear of the sweet treats for at least a few days after that!

On another note, I have recently been obssesively listening to You by Gold Panda. Quitters Raga has been one of my favourites for a while, and I decided the other day to give some of their other songs another listen.. and so the obsession began. I will probably keep listening to it non-stop for a week and then be so sick of it I never want to listen to it again! I am always ruining perfectly good songs for myself by doing that. Anyway, take a listen for yourselves..

xx Elly

July 25, 2010


I have always loved books, and as a small child I was practically obsessed with reading (my favourites were Enid Blyton and books about reptiles..) but since starting high school I have been reading less and less. Now that I am at university, I don't think I have read a single novel. I do, however, read quite a few design books at the library, to the extent to which you can call that reading..

Recently when doing my rounds of local op shops, I have been paying closer attention to the book selections as I live in hope of finding proper vintage (70's or earlier) picture books with sweet illustrations. Although so far I have been unsuccessful with this idea, I did find some great books the other day that I would like to share with you.

All of these three came from the same Salvo's store, I love the Salvo's because they are always cheaper than Vinnie's and they all have furniture..

So, the first one I found was this old atlas from 1986, complete with the U.S.S.R and East Germany. Of course there are probably a whole heap of changes other than that but I am painfully ignorant of general world history... Anyway, the reason that I bought it (other than the fifty cent price tag) clearly not the ugly front cover but the fact that I really love atlases. Hopefully will be used in some designing capacity in the future.

The second book is a book called Master Photography, so of course I picked it up straight away. Now I often find a lot of books on photography in op shops (probably because some of the information is no longer relevant with the advent of the "digital age" and all that) but this one actually convinced me to buy it because it has a lot of picture examples of the different techniques and settings that it talks about, not to mention that many of these photos are quite beautiful. I don't really understand why more people don't snap up these books because most of the information is still relevant for those who want to learn how to properly use their DSLRs off automatic setting (e.g. me..)

The last book I found on this particular journey was this book, entitled Maximalism, The Graphic Design of Decadence and Excess. Now, as I'm sure I have made clear already, I practically jump on any books that have anything to do with art or design. You can imagine my amazement to find this relatively new design book in amongst the reference section! (This is why I meticulously comb through every section of the op shop, things are never in the right section..) Some of the stuff is a bit dated (it was published in 2004) but most of it is pretty decent, especially when it will mostly be used as inspiration (where I will decide I like two of the colours that happened to be placed next to each other..)

Anyway, with all this talk of books I thought I would also share an interesting blog with you that I discovered yesterday. Awful Library Books is a blog, run by librarians Mary and Holly, that catalogues the books that are picked out during the constant process of weeding out the old and irrelevant. Many of the entries are submitted by other librarians, who offer up photos of some of the most bizarre books you have ever seen, along with some witty commentary from Mary or Holly. Who would have thought there was the need for a book called Your Three-Year-Old, Friend or Enemy?

I have to admit though, if I had a child that resembled the one on the cover I might be more easily convinced..

xx Elly

July 21, 2010


Yes, finally, I have gotten my photos together so I can blabber on about my exciting newcastle trip. To be honest, it wasn't as fruitful as I had hoped it might be, but I am  trying to restrain myself  because my room is already too full of things I bought because I thought I might wear them once.

To get to Newcastle, we had to leave at eight (too early for a sleepyhead like me), and after two and a half hours driving, we arrived in Wallsend. This was probably one of the best areas we visited, with four charity shops on the main street and two others near by. While on this stop I bought this gorgeous brown bag for $2 !! I had wanted a brown bag in a satchel-style for a while so I was amazed by my luck.

my lovely new bag, with red silk scarf from my package partner Jasmine :)

Next stop was Mayfield, where there was a Vinnie's and a Salvo's store to check out. As usual, the Salvo's was huge and filled with some pretty good stuff but as I said previously I was in no mood for frivolous purchasing as I am broke and running out of wardrobe space!

In Mayfield we stopped for lunch in and exotic restaurant called Subway, and while walking in my bag broke. I was completely devestated as this was my absolute favourite bag that I used every single day! Mourning my loss, I swapped all my belongings into my new brown bag.

After lunch we drove on to Islington, where we made a brief stop at a Vinnie's we were driving past. There was heaps of cool stuff in this Vinnie's, mostly because unlike most other Vinnie's there was a whole room full of furniture! I love love looovvvveee second hand furniture so I had to be forcibly dragged away. However, I did manage to snag a $1 brown belt to match my new bag.

We then made our way on to the centre of Newcastle, where I was surprised to find it was much more city-like than I had expected. Having been on exciting road trips with my family stopping in practically every town in NSW at some point or another, it is shocking that I can't ever remember seeing the city of Newcastle (probably due to the relatively new highway by-pass..) In the city we stopped at an amazingly cute little retro shop, similar to those you might find in Newtown except about half the price for most things! I was really tempted by so many things in this shop, particularly a large collection of beautiful vintage bags. Luckily, I restrained myself and only bought one, a $5 woven beauty.

New woven bag, the gold oval says made in Italy (v. fancy)

Around this point, my companion/driver started to get a bit cranky because he hadn't gotten enough sleep, so we ducked into one last Vinnie's in Hamilton (unsuccessfully) before heading home for a longggg sleep.

After a couple of days of using my brown bag and having not go with half my clothes, I realised that I couldn't go on without a replacement for my favourite black bag. I knew what I had to do. The following Saturday I raced to my favourite local op shop to rummage through their enormous crates of bags and managed to find TWO perfect replacements, and of course I had to get them both as they were only six dollars each! Now I can sleep soundly knowing that even if one of my replacements dies, even they can be easily replaced haha.

Two newer bags on the left, sad broken bag on the right :'(

So yes, that concludes the end of my Newcastle story and further adventures.. I think that basically what I have learned from my trip is that Newcastle op-shops aren't really any better or cheaper than Sydney's ones so next time I will not waste the five hours it took to go there and back! However, it was a good experience and with the exception of my companion getting all irritated towards the end of the day it was still fun. Next time I think I will try some smaller towns as I have heard good things about those...

Until then I will have to just keep my faith in the power of my local op shops to conveniently bring me what I want!

xx Elly

July 12, 2010


Woo! finally finished the new layout for the blog after starting yesterday afternoon !!

I have noticed for a veryyy long time (as in since I started the blog) that it has been embarrassingly ugly, especially for a student studying Design! But alas in my unlimited laziness it has taken me this long to get around to it. It took me far longer than I thought it would, but then again I am very out of practice when it comes to coding. I used to be a coding whiz back when I used to make my own geocities websites making pixel dolls (yes I really am that cool.)

No other news to report, Newcastle post still in the making...
Hope all of your eyes are a bit less sore now :)

xx Elly